What if you could accurately know which cities in your destination are the most visited, appreciated and popular?

There are plenty of factors  that can make a city worthy of travel and extended visits. Every city could nestle a hidden corner, be it  a place of major historical value or an attraction at the forefront of innovation. Indeed, anything from cultural galleries and museums to typical venues to eat and drink well can make your destination attractive for visitors.

Understanding  why travelers are actually visiting some cities rather than others is a matter of assessing and scoring what is called the reputation of your destination, among other factors. Acquiring these information is possible, in real time, by monitoring the complex flow of feedback coming from visitors.  This “digital” feedback is expressed through various social channels, such as Facebook, Google or Instagram, and through review sites like TripAdvisor, OpenTable and others.

It is essential to understand visitors perception in order to identify their evaluation criteria. This can be possible collecting various types of data: historical number of visitors, review trends, pricing trends, seasonality trends and many many more.  Along with a quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis will help discovering the most popular topics about every top city in your country.

Imagine ranking the most visited cities in your destination: which city would be in pole position?

Destination Dashboard

Most visited cities, most talked about ones, most popular topics, most appreciated elements..In the Destinations Dashboard you will have a clear overview of the cities’ ranking within your destination, country or district. You can filter and drill down by several evaluation criteria: number of visitors, online contents, sentiment. Our Destinations product uses algorithms which match those criteria with several types of historical information: reviews, conversations, seasonality, prices and other data regarding your destination. Then, it turns them into actionable insights.

Destinations is the artificial intelligence tool that allows you to identify the ranking of the most visited cities of an entire destination or of a specific district. Which are the most popular ones in the visitors’ conversations? What do travellers have say about your destination?

Find out the appeal of your cities through our 5 departments:

  • Hospitality (Hotels, Apartments, Outdoor…)
  • Food and Beverage (Bars, Restaurants, Cafes…)
  • Culture (Heritage, Museums, Landmarks, Activities..)
  • Retail

Each departments is thoroughly mapped and each property is individually scored basing on customer feedback and visitor sentiment. Our software provides you with trending properties, helps you assess which areas of the city are the most attractive and allows you to really understand the city performance in a very easy yet detailed way, through several performance indicators. What if you could tell why visitors are actually visiting your city? Our engine is able to detect what travelers are talking about in their conversations and reviews, score the sentiment for each opinion they express so you can have an overview of the most popular topics and valuable feedback about your initiatives.

All this data can be compared with competitor cities and destinations!

Have you ever wondered what really makes your city attractive compared to competing ones? How are your competing destinations  performing? Are you interested in analyzing other aspects and finding out which are the main cities according to a specific criteria or KPI? Request a demo and find out more about Destinations!


Travel Appeal together with Retail Result can help any Destination Manager to:

  • Identify the cities that attract the most visitors in order to plan the best policies to satisfy at best the demand  or stimulate it
  • Better understand how demand is distributed and shape new policies for your future tourism plans
  • Assess who your customers are, what they really think about your destination and what they enjoy doing, in real time, by analysing real conversations – not surveys.
  • Design marketing strategies and communicate the main assets of the cities, on the basis of the most appreciated by visitors per city, identified by the Dashboard.
  • Create branding strategies for your city or region.
  • Choose the most influential city or  the most appreciated aspect of your destination to invest in.
  • Create targeted and customized experiences in your destination for travellers and locals alike, also based on the number of visitors.
  • Identify which services need to be improved and for which cities.

Destinations, founded on data

Travel Appeal “Destinations”, distributed by Retail Result, is a tool that is easy to use and built on real-time data science and incredibly accurate analysis methods.
The heart of Destinations is an algorithm that collects, evaluates and calculates in real time thousands of information in an accurate and complete way. The more our algorithms run and process data, the better and more dependable they become – this is the nature of “machine learning”. Travel Appeal continuously updates its data sources and feeds the machine with

more and more sets of data to enhance and refine the outcomes. Our machine learning algorithms work by aggregating and processing several types of information in and about a destination, namely:

  • Property based data: hotels, B&Bs, apartment rentals, restaurants, bars, landmarks, museums, transportation, retail stores etc.
  • Local and global events impacting the destination.
  • Reviews and Social conversations, which helps understanding how the entire destination is perceived by the customers, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pricing and seasonality trends.
  • Occupancy data.

Destinations identifies the ranking of the most visited cities of your destination, in real time and – by integrating reviews, contents and occupancy data – is able to elaborate the ranking of the main cities also for content produced and sentiment.

What is Travel Appeal?

Travel Appeal is an Italian B2B travel startup, that collects and analyses real-time travel industry data and, using a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system, transforms raw data into actionable recommendations and insights, targeted for industry operators to boost their performance, improve their reputation, and optimize communication, leading to improved operations and results.

What is Retail Result?

Retail Result is a Dutch, sales driven company with extended experience in the retail and travel industry, with experience since 1996. Retail Result contributes positively with the best professionals and technologies to the transfer of knowledge, skills, tools and expertise in the field of marketing & sales. In this way, Retail Result aims to be the best, healthiest and the leading partner for retail organizations, independent entrepreneurs, cities and regions (city marketing) in the Netherlands and abroad.