What if you could actually forecast the flows and spending of incoming travellers?

Destination marketing is no longer bound to be based on data from the past or focus groups.

Contemporary Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) are faced with several challenges in today’s environment: the increasing complexity of the travel market, the continuous rise of the amount of available information and data, the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, economic uncertainty, and many more.

Every destination has different goals: some need to attract new visitors and give them reasons to return and grow their loyalty, some need to reposition themselves to attract a new type of traveller, whilst others are willing to actually reduce the number of visitors to instead focus on increasing the experiential quality and the average spending.

The role of innovation to design competitive destinations is becoming increasingly crucial. Technology and innovation are changing the travel world rapidly – destinations included – by simplifying the processes and the policy planning, facilitating the design of new experiences that will better meet customer demand and allowing the creation of tailored experiences.

Travel Appeal brings AI and Data Science, and Retail Result distributes our “Destinations” Dashboard to destinations, allowing Destination Managers to truly understand the behaviors and experiences of the traveller, in order to exceed the traveller’s expectations and design a new breed of in-destination experiences.


The  “Destinations” Dashboard


Have you ever asked yourself:
What if I could have accurate forecast of travellers flows and spending available?


Travel Appeal and Retail Result have envisioned the potential of data and information applied to Destination Marketing and decided to design, develop and distribute a tool that is easy to use and built on real-time data science and incredibly accurate analysis methods.
After years of testing and millions and millions of pieces of data gathered and analysed, Travel Appeal “Destinations” was born.

Travel Appeal collects all relevant data in and about a destination, namely:

  • Property based data: hotels, B&Bs, apartment rentals, restaurants, bars, landmarks, museums, transportation, retail stores etc.
  • Local and global events impacting the destination.
  • Reviews and Social conversations, which helps understanding how the entire destination is perceived by the customers, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pricing and seasonality trends.
  • Occupancy data.

Forecasting incoming travellers: it is not magic, it’s science!
Our machine learning algorithms work by aggregating and processing several types of historical information and matching them with reviews, conversations, seasonality, prices and other data to create reliable and accurate forecasts.

Why you can trust our forecasts.
The more our algorithms run and process data, the better and more dependable they become – this is the nature of “machine learning”. Travel Appeal continuously updates its data sources and feeds the machine with more and more sets of data to enhance and refine the outcomes.

“Destinations” forecasts how many travellers are visiting your destination, in real time and – by integrating events information, historical pricing and occupancy data – is able to detect seasonality, price trends and forecast average prices for the upcoming season.


Travel Appeal together with Retail Result can help any Destination Manager to:

  • Develop marketing strategies to attract specific types of travellers to your destination, based on the data and analysis of Travel Appeal Destinations.
  • Assess who your customers are, what they really think about your destination and what they enjoy doing, in real time, by analysing real conversations – not surveys.
  • Shape new policies for your future tourism plans.
  • Create branding strategies for your city or region.
  • Create targeted and customized experiences in your destination for travellers and locals alike.
  • Assess which infrastructure and transportation investments to focus on to attract the type of travellers and customers you are searching for.


What is Travel Appeal?

Travel Appeal is an Italian B2B travel startup, that collects and analyses real-time travel industry data and, using a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system, transforms raw data into actionable recommendations and insights, targeted for industry operators to boost their performance, improve their reputation, and optimize communication, leading to improved operations and results.

What is Retail Result?

Retail Result is a Dutch, sales driven company with extended experience in the retail and travel industry, with experience since 1996. Retail Result contributes positively with the best professionals and technologies to the transfer of knowledge, skills, tools and expertise in the field of marketing & sales. In this way, Retail Result aims to be the best, healthiest and the leading partner for retail organizations, independent entrepreneurs, cities and regions (city marketing) in the Netherlands and abroad.


**All Pictures shown are for explanation purpose only. Actual dashboard may vary due to final use of the product.