Travel Appeal – the Italian startup that monitors and analyzes online travel data – and Retail Result – the Dutch expert of Hospitality oriented marketing and sales – signed an important distribution partnership to expand the digital travel offering in the European market.

With this partnership, Retail Result becomes the exclusive seller of Travel Appeal’s product “Destinations”, Retail Result will sell it as Reputation Result. ‘Destinations’ is an artificial intelligence tool that gathers data in real time from the travel sector, and is able to interpret and convert these data in business strategies to improve market positioning and online reputation. Retail Result will sell the product to municipalities, regions, and touristic destinations in these 19 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, UK and Ireland.

Thanks to the new partnership with Retail Result, Travel Appeal is reaching an important milestone in its internationalization process, marked by the opening of a new office in Amsterdam. The travel sector is now booming; data from Eurostat show positive trends for all countries in 2017, with a general increase of 5.1% of bookings in touristic facilities, that reached 3.2 B.

Retail Result is a Dutch company based in the Amsterdam area. The company, founded in 1996, is a sales driven company with lots of experience in the overall Hospitaly market. Retail Result is owned by Hans van Goor and Martijn Witteveen whom are both driven to make this partnership with Travel Appeal a huge success by providing the best service and the broadest knowledge to our mutual customers.

In retail, hospitality, tourism and sales & marketing, the market is changing rapidly due to technological and social developments. Clients require an innovative, progressive, committed and flexible partner whose approach demonstrably provides more insight, guidance, new loyal customers, retention and turnover. Only the best people, the best technology and a deep-rooted conviction that measurement combined with the right marketing- and sales approach are the key instruments to success.

Retail Result supports hundreds of clients such as retail organizations, independent entrepreneurs, cities and regions.

Travel Appeal is a B2B start-up affiliated with H-FARM that monitors and analyzes in real time the online data of the travel industry and, using an Artificial Intelligence system, optimizes its interpretation by transforming it into practical tips that are useful for tour operators to improve their digital positioning, to improve their reputation, optimize communication with a positive impact on revenue. Founded in January 2014, the team currently has 30 people.